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Phospho Compost

Through the process of composting, soils are excavated & mixed with bulking agents & organic changes, such as wood chips and plant wastes that enhance porosity. Maintaining proper oxygen & moisture content & closely monitoring temperature helps achieve maximum degradation efficiency. Our technology involved in the manufacture of these chemicals helps in easy and fast composition of wastes into organic waste.

Green PHOS:(An alternative to chemical phosphatic fertilizer)

Most of the Indian soils are deficient in Phosphorus. Also, yearly removal of P is more than its addition through P fertilizers during continuous and intensive cropping. Bio-solids produced in cities, agro-industries and at farms normally have low nutrient value, particularly of P content. Compost production from these bio-degradable wastes is presently not an economically viable proposition. The traditional technology of composting, if improved in terms of nutrients content, may help in arresting trends of nutrient depletion to a greater extent. Further, the uses of mineral additives such as rock phosphate during composting have been found beneficial. A phospho compost enriched phospho compost technology has, thus, been developed using specially formulated microbial strains and bio-solids to increase the natural and organic phosphate value compared to ordinary FYM and pressmud compost

It is phosphate rich (8-9%) organic fertilizer can be used as one of the most beneficial source for phosphate fertilizer. Phospho compost can be used supplementary for chemical phosphates fertilizer. Phosphate in the phospo compost is solublized with the help of specific microbial culture and bonded with organic matter. The available phosphate by the phospho compost will be about 95% (min)

Economic benefits for farmer


Single Super phosphate


9 % P2O5

16 % P2O5

46 % P2O5

P2O5 per bag is 4.5

P2O5 per bag is 8%

P2O5 per bag is 23%

100 % available

25 % available

25 % available

Min 4 kg per bag P2O5 is available for crops. 

2 Kg per bag  P2O5 is available for crops.

5.5 kg per bag P2O5 is available for crops.

Price 350/bag

Price  400/bag

Price 1250/bag

Cost of  1 kg P205 will be Rs. 87/-

Cost of  1 kg P205 will be Rs. 200/-

Cost of  1 kg P205 will be Rs. 227/-

  • The cost incurred to obtain one kg P2O5 through phosphocompost is around Rs 87.00 as compared to Rs.200-227.0 supplied through single super phosphate or Di ammonium phosphate. Thus, for sugarcane crop if we have supplied 50 % phosphate through phospho compost we will save cost of phosphatic fertilizer around 85kg p2o5x138=11730/hector(date:20/8/012)

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